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  1. Why I’m going vegan, part 2

    December 29, 2012 rachelaych

    I’m a mom and I feel so strongly about teaching my kid to eat well. He has so many peers that will grow up with preventable illnesses that will ruin their childhoods. I have to be sure that he’s educated about food and understands how to feed himself. He will learn from his mama that food comes from nature and not out of a drive-through window.

    If you think I’m being overly dramatic, here is a video of 6-year-olds who know all about ketchup but can’t identify a tomato. In this same show, another group gets stumped when asked what vegetable French fries come from (yikes). Like my husband says, if my son ever gets tripped up by that question, he’ll be cooking some potatoes that night! My kid will not only be able to recognize an eggplant, he’ll bust out a recipe or two!

  2. On the menu


    Lunch was Vegan YumYum’s hasperat, which is a terrific marinated veggie & hummus wrap. Dinner was leftovers of my own pasta with red sauce. I’m to the point where I won’t eat jar sauce, anymore. It’s so much better to make my own out of crushed tomatoes, seasoning veggies, and spices. I like tomato sauce with recognizable tomatoes still in it. Toss the pasta with olive oil and the seasoned tomatoes really sing. You’ll never go back to Ragu, I promise! Finally, I’m topping off the day with my new obsession, Wasa flatbread. It’s not a cracker, it’s not bread, it’s a strange crunchy little miracle. On top will be the vegan flavor of Smart Balance with flaxseed oil. I love finding new things at the grocery store.

  3. Why I’m going vegan, part 1


    I was chomping away on a frozen pink slimeburger when I bit into a chip of bone. It was so horrible that I almost puked right there in my cubicle. That was 6 weeks ago and I’ve had absolutely no interest in eating meat since then.

    Fun fact: pink slime is the processed, congealed meat product used in frozen foods and fast food and it isn’t even pink. The meat product is so completely over processed that it comes out of the tube a lovely shade of grey. They have to add red food dye to make it look like meat again. Scrumptious!

  4. Plants don’t just grow in California…

    December 28, 2012 rachelaych

    If the Internet is to be believed, all vegans live in California. That can’t be true, of course, but it does seem that a lot of the vegan resources online depend on you living within walking (or biking!) distance of quaint, wholesome communal farms. For those of us whose only “farm-fresh” options are to be found at Super Target, well, the idea of solely plant-based eating can seem intimidating.

    I’m here in a flyover state and I’ve had many failed attempts at becoming vegan. I’m trying again, and doing better this time, and I thought writing about it would help me keep going strong. Part of what makes vegan so hard for me is the lack of support from the rest of the world around where I live. Things that are becoming commonplace in other parts of the country are still prohibitively expensive here (or just not available). So, how to make it work? That’s what I want to find out!

  5. Speaking of Super Target…


    Here is a list of vegan goodies I’ve been surprised to find at Target:

    • Enjoy Life chocolate chips
    • Agave nectar
    • Quinoa
    • Quick-cooking barley
    • Bob’s Red Mill grains
    • Earnest Foods cereal bars
    • Lara bars
    • Gardein meat substitutes
    • Organic tofu
    • Whole ginger root
    • Arrowroot powder
    • Real maple syrup
    • Almond & rice milks

    Plant-based eating is getting ever so slightly more mainstream. It’s a lot better now than when I first went veggie in college [redacted] years ago.

  6. Food for today


    I didn’t have my act together with groceries and cooking this week (Christmas is my excuse) so it’s been touch and go. Today, it’s all cafeteria food! Fortunately, my work cafeteria is decent. I had oatmeal for breakfast and a veggie wrap with fries for lunch.

    I tried making the Colcannon from Vegan YumYum last night but ruined it. I added vegan Worcestershire sauce that completely overwhelmed the dish. It just tasted like vinegar-drenched mush. If I had made it right, it would have made great leftovers, especially for such a cold, dreary day. Ironically, the version I made for my meat-eating husband turned out much better. He cleaned his plate. No fair!

    Dinner was off-the-wagon: Cheese pizza. Really, really good cheese pizza, at least. I’m to the point where it’s only one or two meals a week that aren’t 100% vegan so I’m cutting myself some slack. It was one of those Friday night, “what do you want I don’t know what do you want” kind of dinners. It happens.

    Dessert is going to be the Happy Herbivore’s version of cookie dough. It’s my favorite kind of recipe, just a mess of stuff from the pantry all thrown together and so yummy. I’m going to make it right now!